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Ruiao Machine Tool
Ruiao Machine Tool Accessories Producing Company
Ruiao Machine Tool Accessories Producing Company was started in 1988. Along with the rapid development of domestic industry over these years, we have completed the transition from a growth company to a mature company that owns an integrated customer service system.

Back in 1996, Ruiao Company began to purchase heavy-duty equipment. This paved the way for later mass production of premium products. As of today, we have manufactured numerous machine tool accessories by using our knowledge gained over decades. Our product range covers 10 series of machine tool accessories.Moreover, machine assembly and commissioning service is also available.

At Ruiao Company, we recruit top-ranking technicians and get them to work with their expertise and innovative ideas that enable high-quality, eye-catching products.
In 1988, Mr Yasheng Lee start the first company to serve domestic market.
In 2002, expanding the original factory to produce various machine tool accessories.
In 2005, our company earned the honorary certificate of China Famous Enterprises.
In 2006, we passed the ISO9001 International Quality System Certification.
In 2008, expanding the plant area, new plant put into production.
In 2013, consolidate the domestic market, increase efforts to develop the international market.Registered own special trademark-RUIAO.

Since the implementation and development of foreign trade policy, Ruiao Company has made remarkable progress in foreign trade. In quick succession, we build up a strong network of trade relations with South America, North America, Africa, Asia, and North Europe. Meanwhile, we have maintained a cooperative relationship with USA and Thailand for as long as 11 years.

The product improvements and innovations bring us high quality customers all over the world, and prompt us to become international famous brand-RUIAO.