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Bridge Steel Drag Chain

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Bridge steel drag chainBridge steel drag chainBridge steel drag chainBridge steel drag chainBridge steel drag chain

Bridge steel drag chain

  • Bridge steel drag chain
  • Bridge steel drag chain
  • Bridge steel drag chain
  • Bridge steel drag chain
  • Bridge steel drag chain
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Any Width Available , Over Weight Bearing , Long Distance Working

Inside height=16~187mm,Inside width =35mm~2000mm.(unit:mm)

SizePitchBending radiusInside HeightOutside heightInside Min-widthInside Max-holeEdge thickness

1. Length under 6meters can be used as usual

2. Length upon 6meters per piece should be added supporting rollers or guide groove.

3. Both bridge type and enclosed type are available here

4. Double rows or several rows can be customized

TL series drag chains are mainly consisting of chain plate (top quality stainless steel with chromium plated),supporting board (extruded aluminium alloy) and pinshaft (alloy),ect.There is no relative motions between the cables/rubber hoses and the drag chains,giving no deforming or twist.The chromium plates chain board has very nice-looking appearance and has very rational construction and flexible and high strength.It is reliable and easy to operate,install,dismantal or assemble.It is worthwhile mentioning that the anti-wearing performance has been improved greatly due to wear resistant material and alloy pinshaft are used.The product is flexible to bending and has low resistance,giving low noices.It can be used for a very long period of time without any deformation or hanging down.

The product is nice-looking ,which makes the machine tool unit nicer looking as a whole and makes the machine tools and machineries more competitive in the international market.