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Why Use An Oil Mist Collector?

Nov. 19, 2018

Benefits of Oil Mist Collector Use:

1. Impact on the human body: During the processing of CNC machine tools, a large amount of oil mist containing PCB components is generally generated, which implicitly damages the physical and mental health of the workers. 0.3-3.5 micron particles are inhaled into the human body. Oil mist is deposited in the work area, which may cause accidents such as work-related injuries.

2. Influence on machine tools: A large amount of oil mist generated by high-speed cutting is adsorbed on equipment and workpieces for a long time, which may be the cause of malfunctions in machine tools and electrical systems. It brings big trouble to the maintenance of the machine tool, and also greatly reduces the machining precision of the machine tool.

3. Waste of resources and damage to the environment: If the oil mist gas is discharged to the outside, it will damage the environment; if it can be effectively recycled, it can save resources.

4. Impact on fire: Oil mist is deposited on the wall for a long time, and there are potential fire hazards on the equipment.

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Why Use An Oil Mist Collector?