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How To Solve The Sagging Problem In Steel Towline?

Aug. 07, 2019

Here is a professional Steel Hinge Conveyor Belts Supplier talking about the methods to solve the sagging problem in steel towline.

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Drag Chain

Drag Chain

The steel towline is a device that can pull and protect the built-in cable, oil pipe, water pipe, etc. What problems should be paid attention to when installing the cable? How to solve the problem that the cable is easy to sag when running remotely? When installing the cable in the steel towline, Pay attention to the choice of cable. Be sure to choose the cable type you need. The single layer structure is superior to the multilayer structure if a cable of more than 25 cores is used. Please note that the minimum allowable bending radius of the cable we provide, the installation without torque, is that there is no load from the external tension on the towline cable. It is also very important that the cable should be rotated by a reel or a compact disk to unwind the cable. The cable cannot be unwound from a section of the reel or cable reel.

We recommend that the cable be unfolded or even suspended before installation so that the internal or residual torque of the cable is completely relaxed. Cables laid in steel chains cannot be kinked and cannot be stacked one on top of the other to avoid any external force. The cable can move freely in the vertical and horizontal directions, especially the freely movable cable around its minimum bend radius. The distribution on the steel towline should not exceed 80%-85% of the towline section. The cable weight on the chain is as balanced as possible. The heavier cable is placed outside and the lighter one is placed inside. Due to the weight of the steel towline itself and the weight of the built-in cable, tubing, air pipe, and water pipe, the drag chain itself has an unsupported length limit. The drag chains of different models and materials have different length limits without support. If the length of the steel towline is required to exceed the limit of the unsupported length, it will sag. We can solve it in the following three ways: First, the guide groove can be used. The guiding groove is composed of five parts: a standard length side guiding wall, a guiding groove connecting angle steel, a mounting screw, a bottom groove, and a sliding device.

The sliding device is further divided into several kinds of nylon wheels, steel sliding plates and plastic sliding plates. Thus, the guide grooves are correspondingly divided into three types: a guide groove with a plastic slide plate, a guide groove with a nylon wheel, and a guide groove for a steel slide plate. The second is to use the support roller. The support wheel on which the support wheel can be fixed can directly use the support wheel without the support frame, and the drag chain frame reciprocates on the support wheel. If the support wheel cannot be fixed on the equipment, the support wheel with the support frame can be used, the support wheel is fixed on the support frame, and the drag chain frame reciprocates on the support wheel. The third is the heat treatment of the steel tow chain and the thickening of the chain. The chain can also be made of 304, 430 and other materials. In summary, the steel towline runs long distance to prevent sagging, we can use the guide groove, use the support roller, heat treatment of the drag chain and thicken the chain.

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