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What Is The Difference Between A Towline Cable And A Normal Soft Cable?

Aug. 13, 2019

Here is a Cable Drag Chain Manufacturer talking about the difference between a towline cable and a normal soft cable.

Where can we find the good Cable Drag Chain? Imported towline cables are expensive, and the quality of domestic towline cables is not guaranteed. It’s a real headache! High quality imported towline cable is expensive? Domestic towline cable is cheap but quality is not guaranteed? Then it is recommended that you find the Shanghai towline cable for comparison and then purchase. The high-flexible towline cable is comparable in quality to Germany and Japan, and the price is one-third or even one-fifth of the imported towline cable.

Cable Drag Chain

Cable Drag Chain

Flexible cables are divided into fixed and mobile installations, and fixed-mounted flexible cables have lower performance requirements than mobile-mounted flexible cables. PVC is also known as NBR composite elastomer. PUR is also divided into imported PUR and domestic PUR. The difference is that the molecular structure is different and the performance of the molecular chain is different.

Before the official purchase, understanding the performance difference between PUR cable and PVC cable is of great strategic importance. Because only in this way, can you understand more clearly what kind of soft cable you need, in order to ensure that the purchased product best performs its own functions.

The advantage of the PUR cable is that it is very elastic, so it can be restored in a short time. And the appearance is beautiful, it is very suitable for use as an external accessory. As for the shortcomings, the price is too high, and the degree of fit with other connectors is less. In summary, PUR cable is the primary choice for some high-end electrical equipment. One of the most obvious advantages of PVC cables is the low production cost. The corresponding disadvantage is that the elasticity is very weak. If you want to restore the original state, you often have to wait for a long time. In summary, PVC cable is cost-effective, suitable for low-end products, and must not have too high a requirement for tensile frequency.

In general, these two kinds of softness are different, and they are equally divided. From a certain point of view, PUR cable and PVC cable are a complementary relationship, we can not simply say which one is better or which one is not good. As for which one should be chosen, it is not possible to make choices based on subjective consciousness, but should make decisions based on the specific circumstances of use. Otherwise, it is very likely that the purchased soft cable will not be available.

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