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Some Use Process Considerations Of Cable Drag Chain

Oct. 11, 2019

The Cable Drag Chain is suitable for use in reciprocating motion, and can be used for traction and protection of built-in cables, oil pipes, air pipes, water pipes, and the like. Cable towline needs to pay attention during use:

Cable Drag Chain

Cable Drag Chain

The following points are shared by professional Chip Conveyors China Manufacturer:

1. Pay attention to the small bending radius of the cable. The cables must be laid loosely side by side in the towline and arranged as far apart as possible, separated by spacers or inserted into the separation holes of the brackets. The gap between the cables in the chain should be at least 10% of the cable diameter.

2. The laying of the cable drag chain cannot be distorted, that is, the cable cannot be unwound from one end of the cable reel or the cable reel. Instead, the reel or cable reel should be rotated before the cable is unfolded. If necessary, the cable can be unfolded or suspended. Cables used in this case can only be taken directly from the cable roll.

3. The cables in the towline must not touch or be trapped together. Both points of the cable must be fixed, or at least must be fixed at the moving end of the chain. The distance between the moving point of the cable and the end of the chain should be within a certain range.

4. Make sure that the cable moves completely within the bend radius and must not be forced to move. Thus the cables are relatively movable between each other or with the guiding device. After a period of operation, check the location of the cable. This check must be made after the push-pull movement.

5. If the cable drag chain is broken, the cable also needs to be replaced, because damage caused by excessive stretching is unavoidable.

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