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Advantages Of Cable Protection Drag Chain

May. 08, 2019

Here is Cable Drag Chain Manufacturer talking about Advantages Of Cable Protection Drag Chain.

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The angle piece design is quick and easy to change angles.

The collapsed length of the unsupported whirl is 30% higher than that on the market.

A variety of special styles can be combined to adapt to a variety of environments and lengths.

A variety of separators and cable ties are available.

Cable protection towline features:

Cable Drag Chain Manufacturer

Easy and free setting of bending radius

A. Special angle piece design, with a unique structure, the value of the bending radius is determined by the BR (angle piece).

B. It has 6 points of support in the bearing area, so its durability and matching ability are more than 30% higher than the strength of other cable chains.

C. Angle sheets are the same because each frame is the same size and the BR (angle piece) parts are designed to be replaceable.

The cable protection towline is not like the commercially available cable chain. The special rocking angle is designed to use only one side of the same side and insert the corresponding bending radius angle piece unit so that the radius of each of the curves is the same. As shown in the picture below, the bend radius is variable, just the single angle piece, replaced and combined, easy to maintain, efficient inventory management and the biggest effect of cost reduction.