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How Long does the Chip Conveyor Chain Need to be Maintained?

Jul. 05, 2019

If the Chip Conveyor Chain is not maintained for a long time, it will lead to problems such as increased failure rate and shortened service life. The daily maintenance of the chip conveyor chain is generally divided into some steps. Here, we will give you a ntroduction.

Chip Conveyor Chain

Chip Conveyor Chain

1. In the normal use process, due to normal or accidental wear and tear, and various abnormal phenomena appearing in the running chain of the conveyor chain, it must be immediately stopped and repaired in time to avoid major accidents.

2. When repairing the circuit, the person in charge of the chain production line may be required to assign personnel to wait in the electric box to prevent others from opening the conveyor chain and to suspend the warning sign. At the same time, the power must be turned off for maintenance and not for live operation.

3. When the machine is stored for a long time, the conveyor chain should be removed and cleaned with kerosene or diesel oil, then coated with oil or butter and stored in a dry place to prevent rust.

4. The conveyor chain should be filled with lubricating oil in time. Lubricating oil must enter the mating clearance between the roller and the inner sleeve to improve working conditions and reduce wear.