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How To Deal With The Steel Towline Is Short?

Mar. 25, 2019

Here is Small Cable Drag Chain Manufacturer talking about How To Deal With The Steel Towline Is Short. 

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Small Cable Drag Chain Manufacturer

In order to save costs or make calculation mistakes, many users have a short situation when purchasing steel tow chains. Here we will introduce how to deal with steel chains if they are short.

The steel towline can therefore be disassembled at any time and is a common tool for transport in the machine industry. When the length of the ready-made steel towline does not meet the needs of the mechanical setting, it has to be lengthened. First, use the tool to disassemble the chain link and chain cover of the steel towline, and then the section of the already prepared chain. Add it to the original drag chain, then change the chain cover and fix it by tools. The disassembly and assembly of the steel towline are completed. In fact, the lengthening of steel towline is very simple.

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