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Is There Any Easy Way To Judge Whether The Quality Of The Threading Chain Is Qualified?

May. 17, 2019

Here is Drag Chain China manufacturer talking about Is There Any Easy Way To Judge Whether The Quality Of The Threading Chain Is Qualified. 

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In fact, threading towline is also one of the plastic towline, mainly used in the reciprocating environment, can play a traction and protection of the built-in cable, tubing, gas pipe, water pipe, etc. Nowadays, the towline has been widely used in various fields such as CNC machine tools, electronic equipment, stone machinery, glass machinery, door and window machinery, injection molding machines, robots, lifting, and transportation equipment, and automated warehouses.

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Although it is widely used, the quality and performance requirements of the threading towline, whether it is purchased or the towline being used in the factory, require certain tests before it can be formally used. Today, I mainly teach you to correctly identify the quality of the threading chain.

Here are three very simple and easy-to-use methods to determine if the quality of the threading chain is acceptable.

Method 1: Look with your eyes. This is a very good way to identify. Usually, the newly purchased threading chain is black, but the color changes over time. The color changes from black to dark black then continues to deepen and turn gray. This phenomenon is called grouting reaction in the industry.

Method 2: In addition to the color, it is judged by the texture. The thread of the threading chain is curly, usually called the cow hair.

Method 3: touch. Touching the corners and surfaces of the threading chain by hand, if the hand feels smooth and does not tie the hand, it can be judged that the error range of the mold for production is very small.

Method four: rub. Using wooden frustration to force the surface of the plastic towline. If the pits appear quickly and the fallen debris is in the form of particles, then it can be said that the raw materials for the drag chain are made of scraps or recycled materials. If the frustration is very laborious, pits appear, and the fallen debris is in the form of short filaments, it can be judged that the material used for the drag chain is filled with a material such as high-strength glass fiber to make the wear resistance higher.