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Introduction To The Drag Chain Lubrication System

Jul. 20, 2019

In the process of the machine's coming and going activities, the lubrication of the towline stop on time is very important. For the drag chain, its lubrication requirements include the following:

Drag Chain

Drag Chain

1. The Drag Chain uses automatic lubrication in the process of lubrication, also called forced recirculation lubrication, to waste manpower and ensure reliable lubrication.

2. Most of the application of emulsion and sodium triphosphate aqueous solution used in the grinding machine can enter the lubricating oil to promote the evolution and emulsification of the oil. Therefore, in the selection of lubricating oil, it is necessary to think about the oil emulsification, water resistance, rust and corrosion resistance.

3. The lubrication system of the towline, the hydraulic system and the poor sealing of each of the offsets will make the metal grinding chips and abrasive particles in the process of processing into the lubrication system, which can not only block the oil circuit, but also slow down the oil. Evolution. Therefore, the focus on system sealing is needed.