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Drag Chain Ordering Precautions

Mar. 14, 2019

Here is Drag Chain Export talking about Precautions For Ordering Drag Chain. 

Ordering Small Cable Chain customers usually only need drawings, we can produce according to the drawings, provide customers with qualified products, then in the absence of drawings, customers need to provide the parameters of the steel towline, let us introduce you As below, I hope to help you!

Small Cable Drag Chain Manufacturer

Customers need to provide steel Cable Chain: inner length and height, outer length and height, bending radius, total length, fully enclosed / semi-closed, use. These parameters are available. So when it comes to parameters, what if the customer can't provide the drawings and can't provide the parameters?

Don't worry, Small Cable Drag Chain Manufacturer will be responsible for on-site measurement, and you can design and produce a reasonable and efficient steel and aluminum towline in a short period of time.