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How To Effectively Extend The Service Life Of Machine Tools?

Apr. 17, 2019

Here is Led Machine Lamps Manufacturer talking about How to effectively extend the service life of machine tools.

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Led Machine Lamps Manufacturer

Machine tool work lights are a very important part of much mechanical equipment, numerical control equipment, machine tool equipment, and even their eyes are not too much. So how should such an important part be effectively maintained and extended its useful life? In fact, the correct use of machine tool work lights is the best way to directly extend the service life of machine tools. The following small series combines the actual situation of the machine tool work light, summed up the following points, hope to help you correctly use and maintain the machine tool work, prolong its service life and save costs.

First point: Installation method: Install the machine work light in the correct way. The so-called correct installation is actually a comprehensive consideration. First of all, we must consider whether the scope of its illumination can meet the lighting needs, and install the machine work light in the most suitable position. Secondly, the force of the installation form, the reasonable distribution of the line, etc. To be taken into account, if the first installation is not good, it will have a great impact on the remaining progress.

The second point: the use of the environment: the use of environmental control is very important for the machine tool to work light, each type of luminaire is different from the outside, for the machine work light, try to keep the temperature within the normal range Use, so that you can maximize its effect, but also try to avoid some unnecessary losses caused by this external factor.

The third point: cleaning and maintenance: necessary cleaning is an indispensable part of the maintenance of the machine work lights, including reasonable wiping, detection of internal circuits, reasonable replacement of circuit switches, etc., these are to ensure that the working lights of the machine can be kept as much as possible. A reasonable premise for normal work.

In fact, the maintenance cost of machine tool work lights is very low, especially LED machine work lights, almost no need for maintenance, just need to install correctly, regularly wipe it, check whether the circuit and switch are normal. Moreover, many LED machine work lights are now protected to IP65, which can be used in extremely harsh environments. As long as the switch and circuit are regularly wiped and checked, the maximum effect can be achieved and even used. The life span is extended to 10 years, and the service life of up to 50,000 hours is almost equivalent to the service life of the mechanical equipment itself. It is a true "special lamp".

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