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Heat Treatment Fume Purifier

May. 31, 2019

Here is an Oil Mist Collector Factory China talking about Heat treatment fume purifier.

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Heat treatment fume characteristics:

There are different degrees of oil quenching process in the heat treatment workshop, and the oily workpiece will also produce soot in the process of tempering. As the enterprise pays attention to the occupational health of workers, the problem of soot is more and more prominent, heat treatment flue gas Characteristics: The workpiece will produce a large amount of harmful flue gas during oil cooling annealing, tempering, and machining. Its main components are fine dust and organic waste gas which are decomposed and carbonized at high temperature. 

Oil Mist Collector Factory China

The characteristics are:

1. The soot is strong and has a strong impact force;

2. The oil that produces soot has a low ignition point, often accompanied by a flame;

3. The oil mist temperature is high, the oil content is large, and the exhaust gas concentration is high.