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Things To Be Aware Of During The Installation Process Of Cable Drag Chain

Apr. 30, 2019

Here is Small Cable Drag Chain Factory China Supplier talking about Things to be aware of during the installation process of the towline cable.

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Small Cable Drag Chain Factory China

The cable "spinning" and breaking will cause the entire production line to be shut down, causing huge economic losses. Therefore, in order to prevent cable entanglement, wear, pull off, hang and scattered, the cable is often placed in the cable drag chain to protect the cable, and the cable can be moved back and forth in the equipment unit with the drug chain, which can follow the drag chain Moving back and forth, not easy to wear, high-flexibility special cables are used in industrial automation energy supply systems, namely towline cables, also called tow cables, tank chain cables.

The following items should be noted during the installation of the Steel Cable Drag Chain:

1. The laying of the towline cable should not be distorted, that is, the cable should not be unwound from one end of the cable reel or the cable reel. Instead, the cable should be unrolled by rotating the reel or cable reel. It is recommended that you buy the towline cable from the manufacturer and hang it with a rope for one night in the middle of the required length to remove the force when the cable reel is removed.

2. During the installation process, pay attention to the minimum bending radius of the cable. The relevant information can be viewed in the flexible towline cable selection table.

3. The cables must be loose and laid out in the chain, separated by spacers or inserted into the separation holes of the brackets, and arranged as far as possible. The gap between the cables in the chain should be at least 10% of the cable diameter.

4. When installing the towline cable, the cables in the towline must not touch or get stuck together.