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Led Machine Work Light Can Observe The Processing Accuracy Problem Well

Mar. 01, 2019

CNC Machine Lamp tool work light illumination CNC engraving machine using tools and high-speed spindle machining, the machine is worried about the accuracy problem, LED machine work light can observe the processing accuracy problem. It can adjust in time for processing errors, speeding up processing speed and efficiency.

Led Waterproof Machine Work Light can be used to observe the processing accuracy.

The high-speed spindles on CNC machine tools are divided into three categories: high-speed electric spindles, pneumatic spindles, and hydrodynamic spindles. High-speed electric spindles are used more. The lighting CNC engraving machine uses tools and high-speed spindle machining. The machine tool is worried about the accuracy problem. 

The Led Machine Lamp can observe the machining accuracy problem very well. It can adjust in time for processing errors, speeding up processing speed and efficiency. The core component of the high-speed CNC machine is the high-speed electric spindle, which combines the drive motor and the machine tool spindle. The rotor and stator of the motor are directly inserted into the inside of the spindle.

Led Waterproof Machine Work Light

How to choose the spindle has the following points:

1. Various degrees of choice should be heard whether the sound is uniform and no other noise, especially in high-speed operation.

2. The processing object has a large amount of knife, and it needs high processing efficiency and high speed. This requires a spindle motor with a power of 2.2KW or more, and the LED machine tool light is used to observe whether the processing is normal.

3. There will be different configurations according to different equipment specifications. Generally, manufacturers have standard configurations of spindles.

4. Using the LED machine work light to observe the high-speed rotation of the spindle motor during the machining process will affect the life, which requires the use of high-precision bearings.

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