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Led Tower Light

Jan. 16, 2019

The lamp used in the name of this tower lamp is usually used on the tower. It is usually seen as a tower lamp, and it is now also called an aviation barrier light.

Nowadays it's used in relatively substantial buildings by Led Tower Light Exporter. What we generally use is that a red light flashing on the top floor of this building. Generally, it is solar energy, but it's still powered by the mains in regions where the sun is not shining. It can be used for 15 days after exposure to the sun daily. When there's absolutely no special damage, using 10 years isn't a problem.

It's employed to construct facilities such as aviation which have high requirements for lightning protection. navigation. Communication tower. Radio and television tower. High-rise buildings and many other fields. The control circuit comprising -40 degrees low-temperature aging treatment is especially acceptable for our chilly areas and is also acceptable for use in areas with heavy rain in southern China.

Commonly utilized Tower Lights in industrial and gear are also known as multi-purpose sign lights as security directions. The tower lights can be superimposed with layers of different color lights, and may also be outfitted with a buzzer. The sign of the signal can also be divided into blinking or constantly glowing. You will find a number of voltages and installation methods. Cheap heaps of hundred pieces, expensive to hundreds of thousands of pieces. Among them, the three-color lamp is the most used, in other words, the mix of red, green and blue.

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Led Tower Machine Light