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What Are The Advantages Of The Oil Mist Collector?

Nov. 22, 2018

1. The oil mist collector adopts multi-stage and multi-layer filtration principles. The first-stage filter captures oil mist of more than 10um, the secondary-stage more than 2um, and the third-stage more than 0.3um.

2. The vibration accuracy of the oil mist collector is related to the qualified rate of the parts produced by CNC machining. All of our products have undergone full inspection and recorded wind volume data, vibration accuracy, current and voltage, noise, equipment number and other related data.

3. The stability of the motor is a key component of the entire equipment, and the data has been rigorously tested.

4. All parts and components are produced by stamping and forming.

5. Operability, filter cotton cleaning process is very simple.

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