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Electrostatic Oil Mist Filter Application Range

Jun. 27, 2019

Here is Electrostatic Oil Mist Filter Factory talking about Electrostatic Oil Mist Filter Application Range.

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The equipment uses multi-stage purification:

Rotary separation → mechanical filtration → non-thermal plasma static → purified clean air

Under the action of the fan, the oil mist exhaust gas enters the rotary-type separation and utilizes the rotational power generated by the tangential introduction of the gas flow to drip the oil to the outer wall; the gas after the spiral-type separation passes through the specially-made mechanical degreasing filter module. The oil droplets above 5μm in the flue gas are condensed and intercepted; the remaining smoke gas (small oil mist, oil, and gas, flue gas, organic matter) is ionized, decomposed, carbonized and adsorbed when passing through the electric field without dead zone, and finally discharged to the standard.

Application range:

Suitable for industrial machinery processing, tool manufacturing, non-metal processing, PVC manufacturing (PVC artificial leather, PVC gloves, PVC wallpaper), rubber products, electronic soldering, vacuum pump, food processing industry, heat treatment quenching (tempering) and other oil mist collection and purification deal with.