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Importance Of Oil Mist Purification Equipment In Die Casting Workshop

Jun. 18, 2019

Here is Oil Mist Collector For Washing Machine Manufacturer talking about Importance Of Oil Mist Purification Equipment In Die Casting Workshop.

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In the die-casting production process, the melting and heat preservation of the die-casting alloy, the preheating of the die-casting type, the spraying of the coating, the work of the die-casting machine, and the cleaning of the die-casting parts all produce smoke, harmful gases, oil droplets, oil stains, noise and heat radiation. When the amount of these pollutants exceeds national or local standards, it will have an impact or pollution on the environment. In order to ensure a good production environment in the workshop and the health of workers, effective governance measures must be taken.

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The treatment of various types of pollution in the die-casting workshop is a comprehensive technology. First, new materials, new processes, and new equipment that do not produce or produce fewer pollutants should be used as much as possible in the design of new workshops. The second is to promote cleaner production in existing production workshops. The so-called clean production is a comprehensive measure that aims at energy conservation, consumption reduction, and pollution reduction, and uses management and technology as a means to control pollution in the whole process of industrial production and minimize the generation and emission of pollutants. The third is to adopt various effective methods to control various pollutants, reduce pollutant emissions, and improve the working environment of the workshop.