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The Role Of Lubrication In Machine Tool Work Lights And Machine Tools

Apr. 09, 2019

Today Led Machine Lamps Manufacturer to come to summarize The role of lubrication in machine tool work lights and machine tools.

Mechanical equipment usually requires maintenance, such as Led Machine Work Lights, his twisting joints need to apply some lubricant, this place because of the need to rotate to adjust the angle of illumination. To prevent direct friction, there is basically no dust and impurities inside the lamp. Most of the machine tools are sealed, made of aluminum alloy and waterproof. CNC equipment will not work. There must be some dust entering the screw and bearing inside. This requires lubrication of the numerical control equipment. The lubricating oil can be used with oil, and it is better to mix the oil with butter.

Led Machine Lamps Manufacturer

The benefits of frequent lubrication: reduce friction and prevent mechanical damage caused by direct friction in the machine. If the machine work light is coated with a lubricant, his rotating joint will not loosen. Increasing the service life The wear rate is greatly reduced, the noise is reduced, and the noise generated by the mutual friction of the metal is weakened.

There are two ways to lubricate: oil mist type and injection lubrication method. The oil mist type is relatively simple. It is necessary to continuously spray the oil mist to the lubrication part, but it may spray the oil mist to other places and pollute the surrounding area. The air is not very recommended. The second is also simple, direct injection of oil into the spindle bearings, but not natural reflow.

Lubrication time is determined according to the working environment and working time. The number of lubrication of LED machine work lights does not have to be frequent. Owen's craftsmanship, the problem is to solve for us.

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