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Method For Reducing Water Absorption Of Engineering Plastics

Mar. 11, 2019

The main function of the engineering Small Cable Chain is nylon, also known as nylon towline. One of its important characteristics is water absorption. In the finished nylon towline, the water absorption will cause the performance of the towline to change, such as plastic. The outer dimensions, electrical insulation, thermal properties and chemical properties of the towline are greatly affected. Therefore, the plastic towline must be dried before the raw materials are put into production to reduce the subsequent influence of the product.


First, the tested engineering towline is weighed, and then immersed in (23 plus or minus 0.5 degrees) distilled water for 24 hours and 1 hour, and then the sample is taken out and the water droplets on the surface of the sample are wiped off with a filter paper, and the weighing measurement is accurate again. The percentage of water absorption of the bellows sample is completed within this work requirement.

Under normal circumstances, the lower the water absorption rate of the engineering towline, the smaller the impact on the later use process, so this is also a point to detect the quality of the nylon towline.

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