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How To Maintain The Mold Of The Drag Chain?

Sep. 21, 2019

The mold of the plastic towline is like a weapon in the hands of a warrior. It is a device that cannot be lacked. To imagine the best effect, it is necessary to pay attention to maintenance and repair, then how to apply the plastic drag chain mold in the actual production process. To carry out such protection, Small Cable Drag Chain Manufacturer will explain in detail in the following chapters.

The main contents of plastic towline maintenance are: inspection and prevention, inspection of the parts of each part during maintenance and whether there is damage, repair the damaged part, try to keep the best state of the mold.

Cable Carrier

Cable Carrier

Maintenance details of mold of Drag Chain:

First, in the process of long-term use, it is necessary to pay attention to the treatment of the cutting edge and perform necessary grinding on it. If this aspect is not handled properly, it is easy to cause blockage of the production materials;

Second, the parts that are prone to damage should be checked at all times, and when it is found that damage is necessary, it must be replaced in time. The quality of the quality is the most important point here;

Third, the punch is prone to breakage, bending and smashing during the use of the mold, and the punching sleeve is generally smashed. Damage to the punch and sleeve is generally replaced with parts of the same specification. The parameters of the punch mainly include the working part size, the mounting part size, and the length size.

In short, the mold of the towline must be protected and repaired at all times, so that it will not appear in the production process at a critical moment, because your contribution is responsible for yourself and for the customer.

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