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Steel Drag Chain Features

May. 23, 2019

Today we Drag Chain China manufacturer come to summarize the Steel Drag Chain Features.

1. The Drag Chain is made of Q235, 430, 304 and other metal materials, reasonable structure to ensure the maximum hardness, can also be made according to different environments to choose the right material, also has the best effect.

Steel Drag Chain Features

2. The chrome-plated shape of the cable tow chainplate is a novel, reasonable, flexible, high-strength, good-steel, non-deformable, the non-deformable process between the cable or rubber tube and the cable drag chain.

3. Easy to install, reliable to use, easy to disassemble. Freely disassembled and installed, and can be made according to the specific length of the customer. The flexibility of use is high and there is no waste. Because the material is reliable, there are many unsupported lengths to keep it the very Long distance.