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Steel Tank Chain Structure

Feb. 11, 2019

Here is Cable Drag Chain Manufacturer talking about Cable Drag Chain.

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According to the construction, the steel tank string can be broken up into TL steel tank string plus TLG steel tank string. The steel tank string is categorized into 45 kind, 65 kind, 75 kind, 95 kind, 100 kind and 125 type in line with the pitch. Form 180, 225, and 250. The diameter of the drag string may be customized based on user needs, and the bending radius is different out of 50-800.

There are three forms of support plates.

1. When the cable drag chain needs to carry large pipe and cable load, high strength support plate should be used - one piece

2. When the pipe joint size is larger than the inner diameter of the support plate or must be disassembled, repaired, etc. Optional support plate - separate

3. When there are many specifications for installing the cable, the support plate-frame type can be selected.

The major body of this TL45 steel tank string consists of string plate (high quality steel plate chrome plated) support plate (pulled aluminum metal ) rotating pin (alloy steel) and other elements, so there isn't any relative motion between the cable or the rubber tubing along with the drag string, Distortion deformation, the string plate is chrome-plated, the contour is publication, the arrangement is fair, the dexterity is high the steel is so great rather than deformed, the setup is suitable, the usage is dependable, simple to disassemble, particularly the item employs high-strength wear-resistant substance, metal aluminum is The axle trap improves the wear resistance of this item, the bending is much more elastic, the immunity is significantly smaller, and the sound is diminished, hence ensuring no deformation and no downtime to get quite a while.

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