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3 Support Plate Forms Of Threaded Steel Towline

Apr. 03, 2019

Today we Cable Drag Chain Manufacturer come to summarize the Threaded steel towline has three support plate forms.

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 Cable Drag Chain Manufacturer

The threaded steel towline has three types of support plates. The support plates are of type I, type II, type III, and three types of structures, namely: one-piece type, upper and lower parts, and frame type.

type I drag chain

that is, aluminum profile support plate monolithic drag chain, on the support plate according to user requirements to make rectangular holes or round holes. The towline has high strength and is suitable for carrying heavy loads.

type II towline 

that is, the support plate is a separate upper and lower towline chain, which is suitable for occasions where the pipe joint diameter is larger than the wire body diameter and needs to be disassembled frequently.

type III towline

that is, frame type towline with plastic or aluminum profile slides, suitable for occasions with many cable specifications.

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