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Waste Gas Treatment Equipment Classification

Jun. 05, 2019

Here is Oil Mist Filter China Factory talking about Waste gas treatment equipment classification.

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1. Absorption equipment

The absorption method uses low-volatility or non-volatile solvents to absorb VOCs and then uses VOCs to separate the physical properties of the absorbent.

The VOCs-containing gas enters the tower from the bottom of the absorption tower and is in countercurrent contact with the absorbent from the top of the exhaust gas treatment equipment during the ascending process, and the purified gas is discharged from the top of the tower. The absorbent that has absorbed the VOCs passes through the heat exchanger and enters the top of the stripper to desorb at a temperature above the absorption temperature or below the absorption pressure. The desorbed absorbent is condensed in a solvent condenser and returned to the absorption column. The desorbed VOCs gas passes through the condenser and the gas-liquid separator, and then leaves the stripper with purer VOCs gas and is recycled. The process is suitable for gas purification with a higher concentration of VOCs and lower temperature. In other cases, corresponding process adjustment is required. Exhaust gas treatment equipment.

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2. Adsorption equipment

When a fluid mixture is treated with a porous solid material, a certain component or components of the fluid may be attracted to the surface and concentrated thereon, a phenomenon known as adsorption. When the exhaust gas is adsorbed, the object to be adsorbed is a gaseous pollutant, which is adsorbed by gas. The adsorbed gas component is called an adsorbate, and the porous solid matter is called an adsorbent.

After the adsorbate is adsorbed on the solid surface, an adsorbed adsorbate can be detached from the surface of the adsorbent, which is attached. When the adsorption is carried out for a period of time, due to the concentration of the surface adsorbate, the adsorption capacity is significantly reduced and the adsorption and purification requirements are required. At this time, certain measures are required to desorb the adsorbed adsorbate on the adsorbent to co-degas. The adsorption capacity of the processing equipment, this process is called regeneration of the adsorbent. Therefore, in the actual adsorption engineering, it is the recycling process of adsorption-regeneration and re-adsorption to remove the pollutants in the exhaust gas and recover the useful components in the exhaust gas. Exhaust gas treatment equipment

3. Organic waste gas combustion and catalytic purification equipment

Combustion is effective for treating high concentrations of VOC and malodorous compounds. The principle is to burn these impurities with excess air, most of which produce carbon dioxide and water vapor that can be released into the atmosphere. However, when treating organic compounds containing chlorine and sulfur, combustion produces HCl or SO2 in the product, which requires further treatment of the post-combustion gas.