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What Is Carburization?

May. 25, 2019

Here is China Small Cable Chain Exporter talking about What is carburization.

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When purchasing a cable drag chain, when a single drag chain is used for a long or wide width, it is generally recommended to select a carburized cable drag chain. Then someone will have doubts, what is carburization? Why do you want to carburize? What is the difference between the material products that have been carburized?

China Small Cable Chain Exporter,

First, to understand what carburizing is, carburizing is the process by which carbon atoms enter the steel surface layer. It is a low carbon steel surface layer and high carbon steel. After quenching and tempering, the surface layer of the workpiece has high hardness and wear resistance, while the central part still maintains the toughness and plasticity of low carbon steel. We all know that cable chains are generally heavy in their work; high-speed motion requires good wear resistance;

In addition, there is a length that does not support the chain, and when it exceeds a certain length, it will sag. After carburizing, the chemical composition of the steel surface can be close to high carbon steel. After the workpiece is carburized, it is quenched to obtain high surface hardness, high wear resistance, and fatigue strength, and maintain the toughness of the center low carbon steel after quenching, so that the workpiece can withstand the impact load.

Therefore, the carburizing cable drag chain improves wear resistance and strengthens mechanical strength and toughness, so that it can maintain a good working condition and improve its service life under the condition of long working condition. Therefore, in order to increase the strength and life of the cable chain, carburizing is an indispensable process step.