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Hinged Belt Chips Conveyor

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Steel Hinged Belt Chips Conveyor

Steel Hinged Belt Chips Conveyor

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Steel Hinged Belt Chips Conveyor  Steel Hinged Belt Chips Conveyor

Steel Hinged Belt Chips Conveyor

RUIAO hinged belt conveyors and coolant filtration systems - Automate chip removal and increase your productivity with solutions that safely remove the waste from your processes.Our systems are built based on your requirements and can be custom engineered to manage any chip type and material, scrap, parts, coolant, and coolant filtration.

The chip conveyor can be many types, scraped type/hinged belt type/screw type are both available here, you can take the blank drawing as reference,and then send us your own drawing.

Alternative Features

Overload protectionAlternative
Jam protectionAlternative
Variable Speed driveCustomized
Paint colorsblue / white / grey / yellow /green
Incline Angle60°/45°/30°

Steel swarf conveyor chain belt conveyor Hinge Belt Conveyor:

· compact with high efficiency; it's the most proper machine model for complying with CNC,NCmachine

· plural binged belt width offers you the optimal application for wide range and the effectiveness.

· mono-assembly of link plate with high strength ,precise coordination and stable or silent motion

· a desion of small GAP convex points is available to prevent the chips from adhering due to the powerful ability on removing the chips

· with a limited torque force,it can effectively reduce the damage to the minimum level that caused by improper operation.