RUIAO Machine Tool Accessories

Plastic flexible accordion bellows cover

The bellows is used to protect the slide way of the machine, in order to maintain the precision moving and increase the lifetime of the spindle. Bellows cover can be customized to any shape depend on customer’s request .  

Round bellows cover

The round bellows is used to protect the ball screw, hydraulic cylinder, and any other axial moving element.  It can prevent oil and water going into axial moving element.  

Amoured bellows cover

The Stainless steel-clad bellows cover is used to protect the x, y, z axies for machine tools .  it can highly prevent the metal pieces from damaging plastic bellows covers.

Steel telescopic cover

The steel covers are ideal for any machine tool application requiring complete protection of machine ways and screws. The covers provides the ultimate protection against dropped tools, heavy chip loads, cutting oils and coolants. Covers can be designed to move along any machine axis. 

Roll up cover

The covers are mainly installed on machine tools, wood working machines, CNC lathe machines, CNC machine centers, optical equipments, semi-conductor equipments and automation equipment. 

Aluminium cover

The aluminum curtain cover is used to protect the machine from cutting metal chips.  It can effectively reduce the damage to the machine tool precision parts.

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