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S78 Anti Vibration Mount

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S79 Machine anti vibration mounts

S79 Machine anti vibration mounts

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It isolators the vibration and shock of the machine from the floor. It can also reduce the influences from other machine. Better parts finshes and high quality from vibration reduction. Machine are stationary on the floor without anchors. It keeps the machine in its position. Therefore the installation cost and time can be greatly saved. The machines tools level can be large range adjusted easily and fast.

Elastomers is make of Nitvile rubber compound, it can resist oil and refrigerant.


Metal cutting machines, metal forming machines, rubber and plastic machines, printing machines, wire machines, packing machines, foodprocess machines, generator and heavy-duty machines.

S79 Machine anti vibration mounts

Part NoDimension(mm)Bolt(mm)Adjust height(mm)Load per mount
S79 063-176317M10*80(110)15800
S79 076-207620M12*100(130)201300
S79 086-258625M12*100(130)203000
S79 110-2811028M16*120(180)255500
S79 127-3012730M16*120(180)259000
S79 150-3315033M16*120(180)2515000