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Strong Cable & Hose Carrier

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Strong Cable & Hose Carrier

Strong Cable & Hose Carrier

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Inside height=7/8/10/15/18mm,Inside width =7mm~50mm.(unit:mm)

SizeInside H*WOutside H*WBending radiusSupporting
TLZ07040*W(80~400)69*W+3875/100/130/180/230Aluminum rod
TLZ08047*W(80~400)79*W+41150/200/250/280/400Aluminum rod
TLZ10070.5*W(100~600)106*W+54200/250/300/350/400/500Aluminum rod
TLZ150111*W(200~800)160*W+63200/300/400/500/600Aluminum rod


1. Length under 7meters can be used as usual

2. Length upon 7meters per piece should be added supporting rollers or guide groove.

3. Bridge type only

This series cable drag chain is the KING among plastic ones, strong structure with aluminium intermediate studdle , and you can get any width as you like, also, the lower price than steel one, there is no doubt it can be the KING among the plastic cable drag chain.