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Reacquaint yourself with magnetic separators in 3 minutes


Magnetic separator is a kind of universal separation equipment. It is composed of the following parts: reducer, box, magnetic roller and rubber roller. The reducer drives the rotation of the magnetic roll, and the coolant containing powdered magnetic impurities enters the box, and the impurities are absorbed to the outer wall of the magnetic roll, and then the liquid is squeezed out by the rubber roller, and the impurities are separated from the magnetic roll by the scraping plate.

Magnetic separator used for grinding machine and other machine tool cooling liquid (chip oil or emulsifying liquid) purification. The iron filings in the coolant are sucked out through the magnetic drum of the separator to keep the coolant clean. No filter material consumption. Easy to install, can be combined with other forms of filter such as drum (drum) paper tape filter, flat mesh paper tape filter, vacuum negative pressure paper tape filter, etc. Magnets according to customer requirements can be used ferrite, NdFeb or aluminum nickel cobalt. The shell material is made of high quality carbon steel or high quality stainless steel according to the specific situation.

Using magnetic separator can reduce the number of grinding wheel correction, improve the workpiece surface smoothness, prolong the service life of grinding wheel and coolant. At the same time reduce the labor intensity of workers, reduce the coolant pollution to the environment, but also can be used with the paper tape filter unit, improve the filtering accuracy, the equipment is an important accessory of grinding machine and grinding chip processing automatic line.

Application field:

Especially suitable for NC machine tools, discharge machine tools, polishing machines, gear machining machines, grinding machines and other coolant in the process of producing iron particles use.


Cooling liquid consumption can be reduced

Improve the service life of cooling pump and tool

ra value of workpiece surface quality can be increased by 30%

Continuous work, impurities easy to discharge

Machine maintenance time is reduced by 50%

Easy to install and no filter material consumption