RUIAO Machine Tool Accessories

Steel hinged chip conveyor belt

It runs smoothly during the conveying process, is easy to install and replace, and has a long service life. It is used for medium and heavy load conveying.

Hinged belt chips conveyor

Hinged belt type chip conveyor is a type of chip conveying device designed for collecting metal chips. It could effectively collect metal chips ( black chips and non-ferrous metal chips) and convey them to the box.

PVC/PU Skirt belt conveyor

PVC/PU Skirt belt conveyor is widely used in various industries such as tobacco industry, logistics industry, packaging industry, printing industry, food industry ,wood industry and stone industry ect.

Magnetic conveyor

The magnetic chip conveyor plays a very specific role in chip management - it’s intended for ferrous material applications which produce small chips and fines. The sheet metal belt is stationary, and small ferrous chips are evacuated by powerful magnets rotating underneath the belt. 

Flat bed paper coolant filter

There are ZGA type tape filter and ZCB magnetic roller type paper tape filter, it is consisting of filtrate collector, dirts accumulator, filering non-woven cloth/paper tape, reduction gear, transmission gear, message releasing device and liquid pump etc. Metals or non-metal impurities in the colling solution shall be removed by the paper tape. In this way, the cutting solution can kept clean and the service life of the cleaning solution can be rasied as much as 10-20 times. The efficiency of the paper tape is 98%, which is an ideal element for all type of grinding machines and honing machines.   

Scraped type conveyor

An ideal solution for fine chips and swarf, the scraper belt moves in reverse, collecting and dragging chips up the incline to the discharge end. Standard scraper paddles can be customized with wipers to the application

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