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How to select the appropriate engineering plastic tow chain


How to select the appropriate engineering plastic tow chain?
First, the selection principle of plastic towing chain: high: choose the built-in cable. Tubing, gas pipe, water pipe, etc., the thickest one as a reference height. Plus at least 10 percent of the height space as the inner height of the tow chain. If the cable tubing, gas pipe, and water pipe need to be overlapped, the actual height after the overlap is used as the reference height.
Two, inner width: choose a thick cable; The sum of the outer diameters of tubing, gas pipe, water pipe, etc. shall be used as a reference to the inner width of the tow chain and leave at least 10% of the width space.
Three, bending radius: select the built-in cable; The maximum bending radius of tubing, gas pipe, water pipe, etc., is taken as the test value, and more than 10 percent of the space is left.
Four, how to place in the drag chain: cable, oil pipe, gas pipe, water pipe; There should be 10 to 15 percent remaining space for internal cables, tubing, gas pipes, etc., to move freely; The bending radius will not produce strong tension on the tow chain, and can protect the cable, oil pipe or gas pipe.
5. Wires with large diameter gaps should be laid separately, with average weight distribution, and separated by isolation strips when necessary.
Six, when the drag chain needs high speed or high frequency operation, the wire should be separated from each other on the horizontal as far as possible, refusing to overlap each other. When the wire, cable, oil pipe, gas pipe and so on are more, it is recommended to place the isolation piece separately.