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Guide rail shield is a design skill


The guide rail shield is mainly used to protect the machine tool guide rail, so the guide rail shield is a product designed according to the size of the guide rail. The measured data is directly related to the reasonable protection of machine tool guide rail.
1. Width of guide rail
The width of the guide rail includes the width of a single guide rail and the dimensions of two guides from the outside to the outside. The dimensions must be accurate and the error should not exceed 1mm so that the shield can operate properly on the guide rail required to be protected. If the machine tool is installed in a straight rail, then must leave the running space of the protective cover can be designed properly.
2. Upper and lower guide rail protection
"Guide rail protection" refers to the height of the protective cover from the roller (rolling sliding device at the contact part of the protective cover and guide rail) to the highest installation part of the slide block. If the height is small, our company can design a connection box for such equipment to ensure that the protective cover can be closely combined with the machine tool slide block to protect the guide rail and lead screw shaft.
"Lower guide rail protection" refers to the height of the shield below the plane of the guide rail, which can be large or small, in order to protect the oil groove, drag chain and other equipment parts on the side of the machine tool.
3. Whether there are obstacles higher than the guide plane
In general, only the lead screw, lead screw, screw shaft higher than the guide rail, if the transmission parts higher than the guide rail, you need to cut out more holes than this part on the vertical plate of the protective cover, so as not to damage such parts when the protective cover is running, in addition, there are sometimes at the end of the machine tool motor seat will be higher, in short, as long as it involves the normal operation of the protective cover are called "obstacles"
4. Compression size and tensile size of the guard
The compression size of the guard, generally in the design of the machine tool designers are at the end of the machine tool to leave enough guard compression space, as for the stretching of the guard, there is the following formula: stretch = machine stroke + guard compression, this formula is true no matter what the case, the actual stretching of the guard, more than the stroke + compression, leave a margin, not tight guard, so as to avoid damage.