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How to check machine tool shield


Machine tool shield in use for a period of time, there will inevitably be some problems. If there is an anomaly, we should first check the protective cover of the machine tool, understand the performance of the fault, fully investigate the fault site, the relevant contents of the working register and buffer working register, understand the content of the executing program segment and self-diagnosis alarm content. In the analysis, we should use the technical files and various data of the machine tool shield, and must find out the various causes of the failure.

In order to reduce the occurrence of failure, we should check the machine shield every day. Such as guide rail surface, air pressure, hydraulic system, lubricating oil box, unit all kinds of protective nets and cleaning all kinds of filters;
Irregular maintenance operations: such as guide rail insert inspection and pressing or relaxing, cooling machine tool protective cover of water tank level and filter cleaning, whether the chip removal device is smooth, spindle belt tightness adjustment