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3 Avoid plastic drag chain electrostatic generation to extend the service life


1. To start with the raw material of plastic towing chain, there are special improved nylon now. This material can well prevent the static electricity generated by finished nylon towing chain, and the safety factor is super high, which can be applied in any working environment.
2. We can increase the humidity of the air in the working place and the living room to reduce the generation of static electricity;
3. It is to increase the grounding wire on the machine and equipment to introduce static electricity into the earth in time;
Plastic chain is shaped like a tank chain, which is composed of many unit links, which rotate freely between links. The same series of plastic chain has the same inner height, outer height and pitch. The inner width and bending radius R of the chain can be selected differently. After opening the cover plate, you can put the cable, oil pipe, gas pipe, water pipe and so on into the tow chain. In addition, the separator can be provided to separate the space in the chain according to the need