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Layout and installation method of guide rail shield


The structure and layout of the machine tool shield should be designed reasonably, so that the human body can not directly enter the dangerous area. In order to prevent injury caused by the wrong fingertip through, the opening width of the machine tool shield: the diameter and side length or the short shaft size of the oval hole should be less than 6.5mm, and the safety distance should not be less than 35mm.
High-speed guide rail protective cover is not afraid of foot, hard object impact without deformation, long life, good sealing and light operation, such as long cover travel, small compression, length ratio of 1:10 in the folding cover of the most advanced form, it can make up for a variety of cover can not solve the problem.
The guide rail protective cover is connected with the protected part without contact by installing the middle flange on the two ends of the protected part. There are no metal parts in the shield, so there is no need to worry about the parts loosening when the shield is working, which will cause serious wear and damage to the machine. This method can be used if the shield is used at a moderate temperature.